POUCH-POUCH makeup bag that opens up to a flat workspace mat for your daily makeup routine at home, gym, office or when traveling. It provides a clean, dry surface for all your essentials and you can see everything at once, so no more rummaging! There is even a raised lip to avoid make up and brushes from rolling off the counter.

For easy organization there is an interior zippered pocket for safe storage, and built in elastic straps to hold your brushes and other tube-shaped cosmetics, as well as an exterior pocket. Oh, and most importantly it is hassle free to keep it clean because it is ready made for the washing machine!

And Why is it Important?

Research shows that 9 out of 10 cosmetic products contain harmful to health bacteria, so it is important to store and carry your makeup in a clean environment  - it is another way to healthier skin.

The flat makeup bag is hand made from our brand's signature high quality, durable nylon fabric that carries the STANDART OEKO-TEX 100 label, so you can be certain that every component of this fabric has been tested for harmful substances. Therefore it is harmless to human health & the environment. In the sewing and quilting process we use sustainable thread made from 100 % recycled PET bottles. More about sustainability click "HERE"

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